Cable Testing

The quality and reliability of BKSTEC’s fiber optic cables are ensured by subjecting our products through an extensive battery of tests during R&D, trial production, and manufacturing stage.

Mechanical Quality Testing

BKSTEC’s mechanical testing is essential to stress test the physical limitations of our cables. While being part of the manufacturing process, mechanical testing is also needed during the design phase to ensure each part of the cable meets the customer’s requirements.
Plugging and removing the cable, applying force against cable housing, tripping over, or accidental pulls are common scenarios, and BKSTEC ensures each device produced is able handle these situations. Failing to do so can result in costly RMAs and loss of confidence from users.  
While some tests are defined by HDMI’s Licensing administration and USB-IF, BKSTEC includes further tests to replicate real-life scenarios to exceed these standards and specifications.

High-Temperature Module Test

BKSTEC’s Proprietary Testing Ensures its HDMI Fiber Optic Cables can Withstand up to 167°F (75°C)

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Wrenching Strength Test

BKSTEC’s Wrenching Strength Test validates that the cables can withstand forces from regular usage and accidents. The cables are thus compliant with HDMI Licensing Administration and USB-IF association standards.

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Pull Out Test

BKSTEC focuses on manufacturing quality cables that can withstand pull-out damage and will have to pass an in-house designed pull-out test before mass production.

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Extreme Environment Test

Each cable undergoes extreme environment stress tests: high temperature & high humidity test, and high to low-temperature cycle testing.

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Signal Quality Test

Our cable goes through extensive quality control testing before being packaged and sold to users.

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Cable Flex Test

Cable Flex Test is one of BKSTEC’s fiber optic cable quality control procedures. As one of the last tests before production, this checks for loose solders in the header and any copper or fiber optic strands that might snap during regular use.

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Crush Resistance Test

BKSTEC’s HDMI fiber optic cables are able to endure over 450kgf of compression with crush resistance tests to ensure we provide the most durable and reliable cables.

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Plug and Unplug Test

BKSTEC conducts a plug and play test of all cables to validate the life expectancy of at least 10,000 times of connecting and disconnecting the cable from a device in regular usage.

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Compatibility Test

Cables are tested in real-life with visual inspection for any flicker, blackout, or other abnormalities that may occur when devices are connected.

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Insert and Withdrawal Force Test

BKSTEC Insert and Withdrawal Force Tests simulate the force from someone inserting and withdrawing the cable to ensure the durability of the cable housing and cable connector.

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