Fiber Optic Connectivity for Businesses

Faster data. Sharper images. Better performance.

Providing Connectivity Solutions for

DESIGN & Engineering

A combination of leading edge semiconductor design to precision fiber optic development to automation, BKSTEC boasts one of the most impressive engineering team of talents.

TAA Compliant

BKSTEC group and facilities are all in Hsinchu Taiwan. All our products are designed, manufactured and tested in Taiwan!

SMART manufacturing

Improve quality, and quicker time to market. BKS has the state-of-the-art AI technology, visual recognition and automated assembly to deliver the best fiber optic cable for our customers.

Total solution

BKSTEC group has the full integration from chip design, fiber optic customization, manufacturing and testing.

Quality control

The quality and reliability of BKSTEC’s fiber optic cables are ensured by subjecting our products through an extensive battery of tests during R&D, trial production, and manufacturing stage.

Fiber Optic AOC

The leader in fiber optic AOC for slimmer, lighter, longer, and flexible connections in any industry.

Customized Solutions with Experienced

BKSTEC team of designers and engineers are ready to help our clients customize solutions that enable their products to come to life. And our experienced support team will ensure everything goes smoothly.

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Standardized Products

We offer ready-made HDMI, USB, DP, etc. products that our customers can label under their own brand.

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Tailor-made Solutions

BKSTEC can help our customers design and manufacture their own solutions under their own brand.  

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Consultation Support

We have extensive marketing and training programs to support our clients in launching their products.

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Qualified Testing

The quality and reliability of BKSTEC’s fiber optic cables are ensured by extensive testing during R&D, trial production, and manufacturing stages.

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Shaping the Future of Connectivity

Together BKSTEC and our clients pushes forward  technological advancements across all industries. Whether its increasing bandwidth of data and visual transfers to enabling the future of VR, AR and the Metaverse.

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Your Trusted Partner

The BKSTEC group is the most complete connectivity solution provider, with IC design capabilities and fiber optic manufacturing  automation for mass production. And it is all designed and made in Taiwan.

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