Fiber optics vr cables

Designed to be lightweight, flexible and strong, BKSTEC VR cables aid freedom of movement to further enhance the VR experience, while also providing power to the headset. We also offers embedded fiber optic VR cable design with FPC.

VR Cable

Virtual reality (VR) utilizes state-of-the-art graphics and sophisticated hardware for users to dive into a virtual world providing an immersive and interactive experience. VR technology implementation is fast growing and is expected to be the future for many industries ranging from gaming, retail, healthcare, entertainment, tourism, education, and more.

Why Choose Fiber Optic Cable For VR?

Fiberoptics are lighter in weight, have higher bandwidth, and enable greater distances. Fiber optics are not affected by EMI ensuring consistent and optimal performance to significantly reduce data-transmission interruptions. These are essential to enable VR headsets to have a more powerful immersive virtual world and provide hours of comfortable user experience.

AOC VR Cable benefit
FPC AOC Embedded solution

Embedded Fiber optic VR Cables with Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)

Our engineering team is devoted to working alongside our customers to assist in the development of embedded cables into existing VR devices. To achieve this, BKSTEC offers embedded fiber optic VR cable design with flexible printed circuit (FPC). The use of embedded FPC on VR cables means we can make the most efficient use of the limited space available and takes advantage of the design’s bendability to utilize multiple layers. In addition, FPC means offers high assembly tolerance during production, enabling us to deliver even more efficient manufacturing.

Customized External VR Cables

BKSTEC also designs and manufactures customized fiber optic cables for VR device customers. For external connector cables, we design the IC and have the ability to custom design the appearance of the cable. With our world’s leading USB4 technology, we are able to help customers incorporate the latest USB4 standard into their devices.

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