Fiber Optic USB AOC

As a certified member of the USB-IF association, BKSTEC is an industry leader in fiber optic USB, from USB 3 AOC solutions to the latest USB 4. BKSTEC has an all-in-one solution, from IC design to manufacturing and assembly, the entire process and production are done in-house.

Fiber optic USB aoc spec

The USB standard has become ubiquitous in tech devices. USB ports and cables are used in most desktop computers, mobile devices, game consoles, home audio and visual, transportation, and more. Here is a quick look at the evolution of USB specifications.

Fiber optic USB Spec

Why use Fiber Optics aoc for USB?

Due to the ever-increasing demands of high bandwidth requirements, fiber optic USB AOC has become the go-to solution for long-distance connectivity. Fiber optic USB AOC are more durable, pliable, and lightweight, making them ideal for a wide range of applications such as VR, AR, gaming, machine vision, and industrial applications.

USB AOC-large data transferfiber optic USB AOC-light weightedFiber Optic USB AOC-long distance transmissionfiber optic USB AOC- slim & pliable

Innovative Fiber Optic Manufacturing

Fiber Optic USB AOC manufacturing- total cable solutionFiber Optic USB AOC manufacturing-flexibleFiber Optic USB AOC manufacturing-reliability control

BKSTEC is a certified member of the USB-IF association and is also at the forefront of new standard developments. With the world’s first USB4, 40 Gbps Type-C to  Type-C fiber optic cable, we have taken the lead in providing a lightweight and long cable solution that can achieve a stable and high data bandwidth, expanding our offerings of USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 (20 Gbps), and USB3.2 Gen2x1 (10 Gpbs) over Fiber Optic.

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BKSTEC provides total solutions for our customers in Taiwan, from IC design to manufacturing and assembly. Our expertise and flexible manufacturing allow us to work closely with our customers on the product specifications, housing wiring, and IC design. This is then applied to our unique automation process to ensure precise manufacturing quality and consistency to offer advanced production speed and reliability.

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