AOC Cable for AIPC

AI PC has been booming since 2023. AIPCs require faster and higher bandwidth for handling enormous data processing. Fiber optic AOC becomes an important solution to provide high bandwidth, low latency, data security, long-distance coverage, and low EMI at an affordable cost.

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AI PC Solution for PCIe.

PCIe protocol over copper wires is facing challenges in supporting data transfer rates over longer distances. To resolve this issue, PCI-SIG has formed the Optical Workgroup, and BKSTEC, experienced in optical design, is also involved in this effort.

AI PC Solution for Enterprise.

AIPCs are used by enterprises for complex tasks and big data. However, the data transmission from AIPC to an employee's PC requires long-distance and high-speed platforms like USB4 and Thunderbolt5. Hence, fiber optic AOC is the solution.

AI PC Solution for Professionals.

External hardware has become a popular trend for high-end laptops and computers. This includes devices such as eGPUs, external SSDs, and docking stations, all of which are connected using USB cables. To achieve high-speed data transfer rates, fiber optic USB4, Thunderbolt4, or Thunderbolt5 are used in AIPCs.

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