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When you work with us, you have a reliable partner that understand what you need. With over 20 years of experience worked with tier 1 telecom and semiconductor customers, we bring customers best satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, delivery, and service. 

AOC Design Capability

BKS AOC design capability


BKSTEC products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan. From the IC design to manufacturing and assembly, the entire process and production are done in-house. With years of experience in manufacturing and development, we have designed unique automation technologies that ensure precise manufacturing quality and consistency, eliminate human errors, and offer advanced production speed and reliability.

fiber optic odm processfiber optic odm process

how we are different

Pioneer of Automation for Consumer AOC Assembly with TAA Compliance

For decades, many companies tried to implement automation into fiber optical cable assembly, but very few progress has been made. BKS fundamentally redesign internal structure of O/E engine and successfully implement the automation into mass production in TAIWAN. You don’t need to worry about the TAA anymore.  

Cross industry Expertise

More than 500 engineers specialized in optical communication and semiconductor industry work day and night on RD activities in TMC Group, FOCI, and BKS. We play the key role integrating all the expertise to bring customers with our unique value and support for their business.
*TMC(Code:2338) and FOCI(Code:3363) are TWSE listed companies.

Telecommunication standard quality management system

As a professional fiber optical cable supplier, we promise our customers the best quality. Our production site is assessed to comply with ISO 9001/14001 and TL9000. It ensures that each products we make is fully controlled by the same standard as telecommunication products.

Strategic Alliance

BKS TEC Corp. is the world's first consumer AOC automation manufacturer to specialize in integration of fiber optics and semiconductor industry experience.

TMC (Taiwan Mask Corporation), stock code: 2338, is one of the leading reticles and photomasks manufacturers with fully equipped facilities in the semiconductor industry, located in HsinChu’s Science-based Industrial Park, Taiwan.

FOCI, stock code: 3363, a pioneer in fiber optic interconnect, FBT (Fused Biconic Taper), and PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) technology development in Taiwan.

Our Customers

Our customers around the world, includes United States, European, Middle East, and Asia pacific.
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