Machine Vision

Today’s leading machine vision systems require fast and ultra-reliable connectivity to be effective, this is where BKSTEC AOC USB cables and HDMI cables come in.

Today’s leading machine vision systems offer incomparable precision and responsiveness compared to previous generation techniques such as image sampling and the human eye. As well as requiring the best sensor and AI tech available, machine vision systems also need fast and ultra-reliable connectivity to be effective, carrying data between sensors and host systems at incredible speed and responsiveness. This is where BKSTEC AOC USB cables and HDMI cables come in.

AOC USB cables are currently the best option to reliably carry large data sets at incredible speed, and distances up to 300 meters without electrical interference, signal loss or failure. BKSTEC provides specialized AOC USB cables that can provide data speeds at 160Gbps, and extended lifespan in workplaces that are often hot, humid and dusty.

Modern robotic metrology systems are armed with sensor heads that can move at incredible speeds and multi-axis motions, often overextended periods. All of which means that attaching secure and reliable cabling can present quite a challenge. BKSTEC’s custom USB-C AOC cables can be hooked up with directionality in mind, reducing stress at connection points to guarantee performance and longevity. We also offer custom fiber optic solutions of differing length, thickness and over-molding.

BKSTEC AOC USB cables are subjected to rigorous testing before they leave our factory. This includes bending stress testing, high temperature and humidity testing, signal testing, compression force testing and compatibility testing - every possible effort to eliminate any possibility of a costly failure.

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