AOC Cable for Professional A/V

BKSTEC provides reliable and easy-to-install fiber optic HDMI AOC solutions for transmitting UHD video over long distances in control rooms, digital signage, live events, and other applications.

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Long Distances with Quality Signal.

Fiber optic HDMI cables are known for their ability to transmit signals over much longer distances without loss of signal quality. This is crucial in professional setups where the audio source and the output devices may be far apart. AOC can support distances of hundreds of meters or feet without significant signal degradation.

High Bandwidth and Data Rates.

Fiber optic HDMI cables support extremely high bandwidths and data rates. This is crucial for professional audio/video systems that handle ultra-high-definition (UHD) content, including 4K and 8K video resolutions, high dynamic range (HDR) formats, and high-fidelity audio.

Flexibility and Scalability.

AOC offers flexibility in terms of cable routing and installation. AOC solutions can be scalable, allowing for the integration of multiple audio channels over a single cable. This simplifies cable management in complex audio setups, contributing to a cleaner and more organized system.

Fiber optic AOC cables can be used in a variety of professional A/V applications, such as:

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