AOC Cable for VR & AR

VR and AR require high-bandwidth and low-latency data transmission cables. BKSTEC can customize a reliable and flexible cabling solution that does not limit the user’s immersive experience.

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Creating visually realistic Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality requires enormous processing power, a lightweight, hi-resolution headset, and a high-bandwidth and long connection between headset and computer. While high-bandwidth, low-latency data transmission is essential, it is also important to use reliable, flexible cabling that does not limit the user’s immersive experience. In other words, great VR and AR require expert level cables from BKSTEC.


BKSTEC active fiber optic USB 3 and USB 4cables connect headset and source to provide blisteringly fast transfer speeds that maximize render quality, and all but eliminate latency (the enemy of visual realism). Designed to be lightweight, flexible and strong, BKSTEC cables aid freedom of movement to further enhance the VR experience, while also providing power to the headset (again reducing cable load). Our AOC USB cables can also cover distances of up to 300 meters without experiencing signal loss, helping to extend VR play spaces to create multi-room, and even multi-home arenas.

Critical function AR applications in medical and manufacturing environments prioritize absolute reliability, which is why BKSTEC fiber optic cables are subjected to rigorous testing before leaving the factory. Every effort is made to eliminate all possibility of a critical failure, including bending stress testing, signal testing, compression force testing and compatibility testing. Learn more about BKSTEC quality control and testing here:

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