AOC Cable for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an essential communication tool for countless businesses, however, the setup process can be quite complicated. Connecting the camera, microphone, speakers, and display requires numerous cables, making the setup both time-consuming and susceptible to technical glitches.

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Streamlined multiple-cable integration solution.

Experience the convenience of BKSTEC's comprehensive USB AOC cable, enabling seamless transfers of up to 10 Gbps, stunning 4K video, and delivering up to 60W of power. Say goodbye to multiple USB and HDMI cables, as this solution simplifies the entire system setup process.

Long distance solutions.

BKSTEC offers an array of products encompassing AOC USB and HDMI cables for extending connectivity across mid to long distances over 300 meters. Our diverse AOC solutions are tailored to address your distinct spatial requirements, providing optimal connectivity solutions.

Mitigate the potential for technical glitches.

Through rigorous testing during our cable development phase, we guarantee a product of exceptional quality. Moreover, the selected list of compatible equipment for the full-featured USB AOC cable reduces compatibility concerns, enhancing your experience.

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