Wrenching Strength Test

July 1, 2022
BKSTEC’s Wrenching Strength Test validates that the cables can withstand forces from regular usage and accidents. The cables are thus compliant with HDMI Licensing Administration and USB-IF association standards.

Quality Control Series

Cables are subject to different types of wear and tear from constantly being connected to devices such as: projectors, monitors, laptops, mobile phones, hubs, etc. Even being careful, accidents can happen at times. BKSTEC’s Wrenching Strength Test ensures that our cables can withstand stress and forces to maintain a cable’s appearance and intended features and functions. 

The Wrenching Strength Test is done at the manufacturing stage and is fully compliant with the HDMI Licensing Administration and the USB-IF association standards.

Wrenching Strength Test Standards
Wrenching Strength Test Standards

How We Test

The cable is plugged into a female connector in the secured test bench. A technician uses a force gauge, and applies pressure on the cable housing 15mm from the edge of the female connector. This is done until the gauge reaches the standard amount of force specified by the HDMI Licensing Administration* or USB-IF**. Once completed, the cable undergoes a visual inspection to ensure the appearance of the cable housing is not altered. This test is performed from all 4 sides of the cable housing, and at both ends, for a total of 8 times. Once completed, a cable test is done to verify that the cable still functions as intended.

*2022, HDMI org., High-definition multimedia interface sepc Version 1.4b

**2017,Sep.22, USB-IF, USB3.1 legacy connector and cable specification revision 1.0

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