Compatibility Test

May 1, 2021

4K Devices Compatibility Test

BKSTEC HDMI cables are tested in real-life with visual inspection for any flicker, blackout, or other abnormalities that may occur when devices are connected.  In the tables below, different scenarios were recreated.

BKSTEC HDMI Cables Compatibility Test Results

Audio Return Channel (ARC) Compatibility Test

The BKSTEC Compatibility Test also includes an ARC (Audio Return Channel, which transmits the audio signal from the source device to sound equipment) to ensure that the video and audio works simultaneously. If there is no sound or the sound is breaking up, the test is considered failed and further analysis will be performed to determine the source of the problem to be addressed.

BKSTEC HDMI Cable Compatibility Test - ARC Test result

As seen from the tests in the chart above, the BKSTEC HDMI cables passed, which means the ARC feature is fully functional.

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