Extreme Environment Test

August 26, 2021
Each cable undergoes extreme environment stress tests: high temperature & high humidity test, and high to low-temperature cycle testing.

Since cables can be used under harsh and demanding environmental conditions, we can still ensure that our products will perform well above expectations. Each BKSTEC cables undergoes two types of extreme environment stress tests. First, the cables are put through a constant high temperature and high humidity test, then it is followed by a high to low-temperature cycle testing.

High Temperature and High Humidity

Environment Testing Chamber Interior

BKSTEC utilizes specialized control chambers for producing specific temperatures and humidity levels. Each cable goes through the chamber for 96 hours, where each unit is exposed to high temperatures of up to 85˚C and high humidity levels of up to 90%. After each test, the quality control department conducts a signal quality test to make sure the cables perform at high standards.

High to Low-Temperature Cycle

After the cable passes the high temperature and humidity test, next is the temperature fluctuation test. Starting at room temperature, the controlled chamber temperature will be dropped as low as -40˚C, and then will be brought up as high as 85˚C, repeating this cycle 24 times over 96 hours. After the testing is complete, the cable is then passed through the signal quality test once again to confirm its integrity and good functionality.

*Products featuring lighting technology are tested under lower temperatures.

All our cables must pass the signal quality test after being put through the extreme environment tests.

High to Low-Temperature Cycle Testing

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