AOC for Audio & Video

BKSTEC is at the forefront of developing custom fiber optic USB and fiber optic HDMI cable to give public and business Audio Visual systems the data connectivity they need.

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Today’s audiovisual systems in retail, entertainment venues, and classrooms, are all about delivering immersive and interactive experiences. AV systems are also revolutionizing how business is done in conference centers, meeting rooms, offices, and command centers. BKSTEC is at the forefront of these advances, developing custom fiber optic cable solutions that give AV systems the data connectivity needed - fast, reliable, and spanning long distances without signal loss or interference.

Public AV Systems now feature UHD displays, touchscreen stations, and VR systems that provide unparalleled engagement. However, stunning 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz video content with high-quality audio demands enormous data bandwidth, and requires flexible, reliable fiber optic cables that can extend across long distances without ever failing.

Workspace AV Systems are evolving to improve face-to-face collaboration, with high-resolution video conferencing exploiting the bandwidth available from USB 4 and HDMI 2.1a standards. Imagine a next-gen work environment with high-res cameras, and microphones, high-speed desk-mounted device connectivity, and easy to configure UHD displays walls.

BKSTEC works closely with clients to develop cables that meet their specific needs. Our custom solutions are lightweight, flexible, and can hit extended distances of up to 300 meters. For example, we can offer CL2 rated cables that are ideal for in-wall installations that remain hidden from view or even CMP rated cables that cannot cause fires in commercial or residential spaces. Visitors, customers, and clients need never see what’s going on behind the curtain – unless of course, you want to create attractive public AV projects using HDMI cables with controllable RGB lighting. We do those too.


We understand that public and business AV systems must be totally reliable, and that the show literally ‘must go on’. BKSTEC fiber optic cables are rigorously tested to eliminate all possibilities of connection failure, signal loss, or interference. Our testing regime includes bending stress testing, signal testing, compression force testing, and compatibility testing – meaning that once installed, our cables will not let you down.

You can learn more about BKSTEC quality control and testing here

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