AOC Cable for Education

With the future of education becoming increasingly immersive and requiring more bandwidth, high-speed connectivity with fiber optic cables is becoming more important.

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The adoption of fiber optics for educational purposes is expected to see unprecedented growth. The integration of AR/VR, modern projectors, screens, and e-boards into classrooms makes fiber optic cables a necessity as the new technologies require an increasing amount of data to be transferred at high speeds for a truly immersive and engaging experience. For example, BKSTEC’s USB4 cables offer speeds of 40Gbps to allow AR/VR applications to compute, track, project, and anticipate movements for a realistic experience. Our cables are also lightweight, flexible, and durable allowing a wider range of movement and simplifying integration.

When compared to copper, fiber optic cables can carry a larger amount of data at faster speeds over longer distances (up to 5 meters) without affecting signal integrity. This is important when dealing with in-wall installations for a seamless infrastructure that does not clutter the working environment.

BKSTEC understands the importance of reliable, durable, and high-performance fiberoptics for educational purposes. We employ a multi-level and rigorous testing process to eliminate possibilities of interference, signal loss, or connection failure. Our series of signal testing, bending stress testing, compression force testing, and compatibility testing are designed to ensure product performance and quality no matter the conditions. Find out more about BKSTEC’s quality control measures

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