AOC Cable for Consumer

In the digital era, high-speed data transmission is crucial for fast loading of high-quality data. The cables used by consumers are trending towards higher data transfer rates, improved flexibility, and greater efficiency.

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High Data Transmission Solution.

Fiber Optic USB AOCs transfer data at up to 40 Gbps, making them perfect for ICT applications that require fast and efficient communication, such as large file transfers, video streaming, and high-performance computing. They are a superior choice over traditional copper cables.

Long Transmission Distances.

USB AOCs offer superior signal integrity over longer distances than copper cables. They can transmit data reliably up to 15 meters, making them ideal for widely spaced devices such as data centers or large offices, reducing the need for signal amplification or repeaters.

More Security.

Fiber optic USB AOCs are more secure than copper cables because they are harder to intercept. AOCs are immune to EMI disruption, making them an ideal choice for data transmission in sensitive environments. Unlike copper cables, fiber cables do not short out, which can cause safety hazards and lead to fires.

Fiber optic AOC cables can be used in a variety of consumer applications, including:

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