Why is Fiber Optic AOC cable not plug & play? Common compatibility issue with Fiber Optic USB AOC.

March 7, 2024
Have you ever experienced similar problems? We can help reduce the likelihood of these issues occurring. Situation A: The fiber optic AOC USB works only on some devices. Situation B: The USB connection for AOC works when the cable is shorter, but it fails when the cable is longer.

We refer to the problems described above as compatibility issues.

There could be several reasons for this issue such as power signal reduction during transmission, data protocol mismatch, and optical standard mismatch. 

Therefore, BKSTEC has conducted multiple tests at each stage of development and verification, as well as before leaving the factory, to significantly reduce the possibility of issues happening.

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High Speed Eye Diagram Test

also known as signal integrity test, it’s the high speed test in an early stage of the development to make sure to transfer clear fiber optic signals.

Low Speed IL Test

This is a verification during module design at the development stage. Insertion loss measures the amount of energy that is lost as the signal arrives at the receiving end of the cabling link.

Protocol Analysis

Each protocol-defined item is verified using protocol analysis to ensure compatibility with other devices designed by protocol rules.

USB Payload Test

It is a real-life test of the data import and export speed of the final configuration. This test can detect any defects in the product before leaving the factory.

Compatibility Test

We test multiple types of products to ensure compatibility is over 90%, including equipment provided by customers.

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