Integration Solution: BKSTEC's Unified Fiber Optic AOC Cables for Streamlined VR Connectivity

November 17, 2023
BKSTEC's innovative VR Headset active optical cable (AOC) integrated solution is designed to counter the challenges posed by headset cable complexity, paving the way for a more comfortable and immersive next-generation VR experience.

The integrated solution by BKSTEC VR headset consolidates all signals into a single slim cable with a standard Type-C connector, leveraging advanced fiber optic AOC technology.

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Challenge & Solution

Challenge A: The Burden of Bulky Cables

VR headsets use different cables for data (USB), video (HDMI/DP), and power transmission. This can make the cable system bulky and affect the user's comfort and immersion.

Solution A: Incorporated within a hybrid AOC cable

Various signals are separated and integrated into optoelectronic signals, which are then incorporated into a slim and long hybrid AOC cable.

Challenge B: Numerous VR headset I/O ports take up valuable space

The need for multiple I/O ports to accommodate various signals conflicts with the goal of keeping the VR headset compact and lightweight.

Solution B: Custom Type-C connectors optimize space usage

Our solution consolidates multiple signals export to a single Type-C connector, complemented by a customized design to fit the customer's VR headsets.

BKSTEC draws from the experience in customized AOC integration to offer different solutions. These solutions are designed to meet the client's specific signal types, budget, and performance preferences.

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Knowledge in Optical Design.

Knowledge from the telecom industry of optical transmission integration.

Experienced R&D Team.

Extensive experience in long-term research and development of specialized applications.

Customized Capability.

Full integration AOC design from module to fiber optic customization.

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