BKSTEC Embedded AOC Solution : Revolutionizing VR Headsets with Lighter, More Immersive, and Flexible Designs (FPC)

November 1, 2023
BKSTEC's AOC solution revolutionizes VR headsets by reducing weight and enhancing comfort. It combines data, video, and power cables into a single lightweight cable using an optical engine on a flexure circuit board.

BKSTEC AOC Embedded Solution Revolutionizes VR Headsets, Enabling Next-Generation Training and Entertainment Virtual reality (VR) headsets are rapidly transforming the way we train, entertain ourselves, and interact with the world around us. However, the weight and comfort of these headsets have remained a major challenge, limiting their adoption and use.

BKSTEC, a leading provider of fiber optic cable solutions, has developed an innovative active optical cable (AOC) embedded solution that addresses these challenges head-on. The BKSTEC AOC embedded solution combines data, video, and power cables into a single lightweight and flexible cable, significantly reducing the weight and bulk of VR headsets.

At the heart of the BKSTEC AOC embedded solution is an optical engine mounted on a flexure circuit board (FPC). The FPC is then used to connect the optical engine to the VR headset, providing a reliable and high-performance transmission path for data, video, and power.

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Challenge & Solution

Challenge A: Heavy and Tangled Cables

The VR headset transmits various signals through separate cables for data (USB), video (HDMI/DP), and power, which can be heavy and prone to tangling during use, impacting the overall convenience of the experience.

Solution A: Multiple Cables integrated to ONE

All cables pass through a junction box, where they separate and integrate optoelectronic signals, ultimately exporting a slim, long hybrid AOC all-in-one cable.

Challenge B: Many VR headset I/O ports occupy space

The I/O ports for various signals occupy a substantial portion of the headset, which contradicts the goal of maintaining a lightweight VR headset.

Solution B: Optimizing Space with Board-to-Board connector on FPC

We employ an embedded board-to-board connector mounted on the flexible printed circuit as the solution, optimizing the utilization of limited headset space most efficiently.

BKSTEC’s AOC solution offers several advantages over traditional VR headset cables:

  • Lighter and more flexible: BKSTEC’s AOC cable is up to 70% lighter and more flexible than traditional copper cables. This makes the headset more comfortable to wear and allows for greater freedom of movement.
  • Lower latency: BKSTEC’s AOC cable provides lower latency than traditional copper cables, which is essential for a smooth and immersive VR experience.
  • Longer reach: BKSTEC’s AOC cable can support longer distances than traditional copper cables, without sacrificing performance. This is ideal for applications such as multi-room VR experiences.

BKSTEC’s AOC solution is already being used by several leading VR headset manufacturers. As VR headsets become more widely adopted, BKSTEC’s AOC solution is expected to play a key role in making them lighter, more comfortable, and more capable.

BKSTEC draw from the experience in customized AOC integration to offer different solutions. These solutions are designed to meet the client's specific signal types, budget, and performance preferences.

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