Everything we do  is driven by our commitment to quality

BKS emphasizes on delivering the RIGHT quality products to the RIGHT customers in the RIGHT timely manner. To ensure that our products meet the industrial grade standards, the production and quality control is monitored closely throughout the entire process.

Our production site’s QMS is fully compliant with ISO9001/14001 and TL9000 to ensure that each product we deliver to the customer maintains the same high quality and industrial level reliability.

ISO 14001 : 2015
ISO 9001 : 2015
TL 9000 : 2015

Our Cable Testing

Compatibility Test

Cables are tested in real-life with visual inspection for any flicker, blackout, or other abnormalities that may occur when devices are connected.

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Plug and Play Test

Impedance test estimates the life expectancy of a product by connecting and disconnecting the cable 10,000 times.

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Compression Force Test

BKSTEC's cable test to endure over 450kgf to avoid any damage while the heaviest stuff is stacked on.

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Bending Stress Test

BKSTEC undergoes bending stress tests during the development process.

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Signal Quality Test

Our cable goes through extensive quality control testing before being packaged and sold to users.

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Extreme Environment Test

Each cable undergoes extreme environment stress tests: high temperature & high humidity test, and high to low-temperature cycle testing.

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