Why is fiber optic cable communication one-way directional?

March 4, 2024
For customers new to fiber optic AOC USB or HDMI, we will inform them that optical fiber cables transmitting video signal (DP or HDMI) are one-way directional. The reason is that optical fiber AOC transmits through photoelectric conversion by laser. The laser is transferred in one direction from transmission to reception.
Fiber Optic USB AOC cable direction

What kind of fiber optic AOC cables allow video signal transmission?

Fiber Optic HDMI/DP

It is easy to distinguish between the source and display on HDMI/DP applications. The source is the equipment that gives the signal, and the display is the device that shows the video.

Fiber Optic USB

Most of fiber optic USB AOC transfer data, and power, just few of USB AOC cables allow video signal transmission. Check BKSTEC full-featured fiber optic USB to understand more.

Typically, there is only one transmitter and one receiver on each end of the cable, so the cable will indicate which end is the source and which is the display. It is easier for HDMI devices to differentiate between source devices and display devices. However, USB devices may require a dongle to be added to the configuration, making it necessary to determine how the "video" signals are transmitted.

Fiber Optic HDMI AOC one-way directional

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