High-Resolution Connectivity: The 8K Fiber Optic HDMI AOC Solutions

December 7, 2023
Fiber optic HDMI Active Optical Cables (AOCs) have gained popularity in the market during the 2020s. They are known for their ability to transmit over long distances and installation flexibility.

With the upgrade of devices to support 4K and 8K high-resolution video and audio, the use of fiber optic HDMI has become increasingly popular across various industries.

Solutions for different Scenarios

Large Venues and Auditoriums/8K HDMI Extender with MPO

The fiber optic HDMI AOC solution can transmit long distances without any signal loss, making it ideal for large venues and events. With a lifespan of over 20 years, it's a reliable and efficient choice for your communication needs.

Up to 300m MPO Solution⇀

Digital signage and commercial display/8K HDMI AOCs for commercial

High-resolution promotion attracts audiences. High-resolution promotions attract audiences. HDMI AOC excels in high bandwidth, long-distance installation. Fiber optic HDMI AOCs in various flammability classes (10-50m) are suitable for different purposes of commercial installation. 

CL2 Rated Solution ⇀  Plenum Solution ⇀

Home theater installation/ Ultra slim HDMI AOCs for consumers

For consumer applications, having a slim, compact, and lightweight design is important. Our OD 3.5 mm cable is the slimmest in the market and is designed to cater to high-end customers.

8K Solution⇀  4K Solution⇀

Applications of HDMI AOCs

Professional Audio/Video

The fiber optic is a great choice for professional AV systems as it transmits pure signals without any losses or EMI interference. It is ideal for control rooms, digital signage, live events, and more.

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Video Conferencing

Long-distance transmission in the meeting room or conference room is common, our fiber optic HDMI AOC solutions extend connectivity across from mid to long distances over 300 meters. 

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