BKSTEC Simplifies Super-long Cables for Video Conference, Digital Signage & Theaters with USB Type-C Fiber Optic AOC

July 19, 2023
BKSTEC introduces a full-featured fiber optic USB 3.2 Type-C to eliminate dependency on multiple cables for video conferencing.
  • BKSTEC’s full-featured Type-C fiber optic AOC cable reaches up to 15 meters vs. copper’s 3 meters
  • Dual-IC design cable enables 10 Gbps data transfer, DP Alt Mode support 4K Video, and up to 60W Power Delivery (PD) 
  • Expertise in IC design and firmware development to resolve compatibility issues
  • Made In Taiwan and TAA compliant

Taipei, Taiwan - BKSTEC, a leader in designing and manufacturing of fiber optic solutions, introduces a full-featured fiber optic USB 3.2 Type-C to eliminate dependency on multiple cables in professional environments such as video conferencing, proAV, installers, and more. Distinct from conventional copper cables that are limited to a maximum length of 3 meters, BKSTEC's full-featured fiber optic USB 3.2 Type-C cable can reach up to 15 meters.

BKSTEC integrates a dual IC design into each cable that enables the full-featured USB 3.2 Type-C AOCs. This offers high-speed data transfer capabilities of up to 10 Gbps, DP Alt Mode support for impressive 4K resolution at 30Hz, and Power Delivery (PD) within a single cable to eliminate the need for multiple lengthy cables, streamlining connectivity for professionals.

BKSTEC's industry-leading design is the result of a highly skilled team of engineers with a unique blend of expertise in IC design and firmware development. By leveraging their collective knowledge, BKSTEC is able to drive innovation in the chips within their cables. Moreover, the company collaborates with renowned partners in Taiwan to manufacture these chips, ensuring top-tier quality.

In addition to co-designing the ICs, BKSTEC develops the firmware in-house. This empowers the company to conduct extensive testing and effectively address any compatibility issues that may arise. Furthermore, BKSTEC stands out by offering the industry's most comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term product durability. 

BKSTEC specializes in design, manufacturing, and assembly of fiber optic solutions that include AOC modules, USB,, and HDMI in its state-of-the-art automation facilities located in Taiwan. This strategic approach enables BKSTEC to maintain full control over quality control measures and ensures the timely completion of projects. Moreover, this integrated approach allows BKSTEC to comply fully with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), meeting all the necessary regulatory requirements.

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