Embracing Innovation at Computex Taipei 2023: A Resounding Success!

June 7, 2023
BKSTEC successfully showcased revolutionary fiber optic connectivity solutions at Computex Taipei 2023, redefining standards with lightning-fast speeds, long-distance capabilities, and secure data transmission. From ProAV/Installer to Video Conference and Smart Manufacturing, our innovative offerings left a lasting impression on attendees.

Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions

Experience first-hand, lightning-fast, reliable, and secure connectivity with our fiber optic solutions, including USB AOC and HDMI AOC customizable solutions for professional applications use.

ProAV & Installer: 8K HDMI Pure Fiber Extender

Our slim and flexible 8K HDMI to MPO Pure Fiber Extender simplifies in-wall cable installations, allowing easy upgrades without rewiring or reinstalling cables.

Video Conference: Full-functioned USB3 AOC TypeC-TypeC

Our all-in-one USB3 AOC cable enables data transfer, DP 1.4 signal and power charging simultaneously, eliminating the need for additional docking or CAT6 cables. With lengths up to 15m, it's perfect for larger space installations.

Smart Manufacturing: USB3 AOC TypeA-MicroB / TypeC-TypeC

The cutting-edge fiber optic technology delivers stable, high-speed data transmission up to 10 Gbps, supporting resolutions up to 24MP and frame rates up to 160fps. Trust our cables for reliable and accurate long-distance data transfer.

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