BKSTEC at 2024 Smart Manufacturing

May 2, 2024
New machine vision partners and technologies were discovered during the 2024 Smart Manufacturing event (Touch Taiwan), where we met and had in-depth discussions about smart manufacturing applications with many friends.

Here are some highlights for our friends who were unable to attend the expo.

Customized Module

We customize fiber optic AOC modules based on client’s specifications, including temperature, cable rating, and length requirements.


Professional Audio/Video

BKSTEC fiber optic AOC audio and video solutions range from 3m-300m. Let us know your pain points and we will provide you with a tailored solution.


Smart Manufacturing

The USB video solution for long distances is now available; BKSTEC helped you solve the annoying compatibility issue.


Relevant Products

8K HDMI Extender with MPO
Pure Fiber solution up to 300M
USB3.2 Gen2 AOC TypeA-MicroB with screw
10 Gbps solution with screw