BKSTEC Aims to Replace Consumer-grade Copper Cables by Lowering Cost of Fiber Optics through Automation

June 24, 2021

BKSTEC, a leading design and manufacturer of fiber optic cables for HDMI 2.0 and 2.1, USB 4.0, DisplayPort and more, with years of experience in delivering fiber optic solutions to OEM/ODM partners announces the world’s first automated production line for fiber optics which lowers the cost of fiber optics to replace copper cables for current and future generations of HDMI and USB products.

In response to the growing market for high-resolution and high-bandwidth digital audio and video transmissions, demand for fiber optic cables with large capacity, high speed and stable transmission has been increasing. However, due to their high costs, the market penetration of fiber optic cables has remained quite low until now.

Automation reduces production costs significantly

A few engineers determined to streamline the automation process came together and after 5 years of trial and error with integration of semiconductor manufacturing processes and optical communication technology, BKSTEC has successfully established the world’s first modularized automated production of HDMI fiber optic cables. Trial production is set to run in June of 2021 and the first phase is expected to be completed by the end of2022. The monthly capacity can reach up to 50,000 units, and 250,000 units by2023.

BKSTEC’s chairman Zheng-Xiang Chen,

“Automation replaces the complex manufacturing of the manual process, which in turn increases production yields. Additionally, automation improves production efficiency through perception modules, AI learning and monitoring. The time required for production line training, replication process and increase of mass production capacity can be drastically shortened.”

 BKSTEC has established partnerships with some of the biggest tier-one brands in the world and is at the forefront of leading-edge fiber optic solutions. Current offers already include HDMI 2.1,USB 4.0, DisplayPort 2.0, USB-C 240W cables and extenders to offer the most advanced and complete OEM/ODM solution for our customers.



 BKSTEC was established in 2018 as a spinoff from two of the largest publicly listed optical communication companies in Taiwan to meet the demand for fiber optic cables in the consumer electronics market. BKS provides design OEM/ODM services for HDMI, USB, DP and other cables, and is a supplier of high-specification and high-quality fiber optic connectivity products, with an independent research center and product design unit. Available products on the market include fiber optic HDMI 2.0 / 2.1, DP1.4, fiber optic USB 3.2, hybrid and pure fiber cables, and HDMI 2.1 fiberoptic transceiver that supports ultra-long meter range and is MPO compatible .BKS is also the first company in the world to introduce the automation of fiberoptic cable manufacturing processes.

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