Make our automation expertise your own

Lower cost, improve quality, and quicker time to market. BKS has the state-of-the-art AI technology, visual recognition and automated assembly to deliver the best fiber optic cable for our customers.


Automation in fiber optical assembly was thought to be an ingenious solution to a very specific application or product. With cross industry expertise, BKS has successfully applied the semiconductor process to optical components to develop the world’s first automation equipment for fiber optic cables assembly. From COB (Chip on Board) to cable assembly, we have eliminated human error to dramatically improve the production efficiency.


BKS’s automation solution not only reduces the labor cost and errors, but also enforces the ability to quickly ramp up and maintain high yield rates. Our flexible manufacturing enables us to meet our customer’s capacity needs.

Automation vs Manual labor

Operator handling error free

10X faster production 

Fast ramp up (from 100% to 1000% within 2 months)

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