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USB 3.2

Fiber Optic USB 3.2 Gen2 AM to AF

The USB AOC is a compact hybrid cable comprising multi-mode glass fibers for USB 3 2 Gen 2 (support 10 Gbps) and copper wires for the High Speed USB 2 0 signals (480 Mbps). It is fully terminated with electro-optical and opto-electrical USB type A plug and type A receptacle ends and is fully compliant with the USB3.2 Gen2 specifications.

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Standard Length
Max Length
15 m
Cable Type
Hybrid AOC
Connector Type
Type-A (Male) to Type-A (Female)
Data Rates
10 Gbps
Support Video
Support USB

Downward Compatible USB3.2 Gen1

Downward Compatible USB2.0 Full speed, Low speed

Super speed Bidirectional connection

Support Audio

This product is coming soon.