AOC for Smart Home

BKSTEC offers custom high-quality fiber optic HDMI and USB cable solutions for the smart homes of tomorrow, bringing a solid and high bandwidth connectivity between a multitude of devices, interfaces, and device types.

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The smart homes of tomorrow will have a need for solid, high bandwidth connectivity between a multitude of devices, interfaces, and device types - all of which make high-quality fiber optic cabling a requirement. BKSTEC offers custom HDMI and USB cable solutions that bring everything together, breaking new ground in terms of comfort, control, and security at home.

Advanced home automation systems are now supplemented by a new wave of domestic IoT devices that create new ways of living. Imagine home entertainment systems boasting 8K/60Hz content and high-definition audio, all connected to ambient display walls that provide a window to any world you choose - a luxury enhanced by voice-activated climate and lighting control. None of the above is possible without reliable, rugged, and high bandwidth fiber optic HDMI and USB cabling throughout the home.

 There’s also the issue of security. The future of home security systems with high-definition cameras, motion sensors, access control units, and multiple touchscreen control hubs can be securely (and discreetly)connected by fiber optic cabling to create a network without the potential security vulnerability of WiFi. Our range of customized USB 4 fiber optic solutions are flexible, reliable, and easy to install at lengths of up to 300meters, with CL2 rated cable options that are certified for residential projects that use in-wall cabling.

 BKSTEC understands how it’s vitally important for advanced home automation systems to be reliable under all circumstances, especially where home security is concerned. We employ rigorous cable testing to eliminate all possibilities of connection failure, signal loss, or interference. Our testing includes bend stress testing and compression force testing to guarantee physical dependability, plus signal and compatibility testing to ensure absolute peace of mind.

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