BKSTEC fiber optic cables can deliver crystal clear full 4K or 8K resolution signals from the camera to display, making them essential for professional broadcasting sets, off-location shoots in rugged conditions, or even when streaming full-time from home.

From multi-million dollar professional broadcasting sets to off-location shoots in the most rugged conditions to streaming full-time from home, the expectations of picture-perfect video quality have gotten higher. The crew needs to see everything crystal clear in full 4K or 8K resolution. With the latest tech equipment being used, a high-quality fiber optic cable that has the length (up to 100m) and no signal loss is essential.

It is crucial for production teams to be able to see every detail that is happening on screen. BKSTEC fiber optic cables provide the missing link to transferring signals from the camera to the display at speeds of up to 40 Gbps on USB4 or 8K60Hz with an 8K connection. The crew will be able to see exactly what is delivered to the audience.

BKSTEC fiber optic cabling is lighter and more flexible than traditional copper cables. The cables are easier to handle, install and even store in all broadcasting situations. Imagine a crew organizing and managing everything that is happening on set, the last thing you want is not being able to see what is being shot onscreen.

Our cables are subjected to rigorous signal and compatibility testing that eliminates stream glitches, and connectivity issues. Our cables are also tested to guarantee performance during repeated bending and other physical stresses. More details about BKSTEC testing quality control can be found here

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